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"Techniques for Relaxed Piano Playing: Overcoming Nervousness and Improving Control"

by linzz 21 Mar 2024

1.Don't be nervous when playing

One reason why our fingers tend to curl up when playing the piano is due to nervousness, which is common among beginners and children. We should learn to relax and allow the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers to naturally hang down. When we're tense, our bodies stiffen, affecting the flexibility of our hands and the speed of playing, causing the fingers to unconsciously curl up even more.

2.Slow down the pace while playing

When playing the piano, it's beneficial to slow down the pace initially because playing slowly enables us to better control our fingers and understand the performance of each finger more clearly. This allows us to consciously correct our hand positions. Strive to play each note using the correct finger technique. Once you can fully control your fingers from curling up, gradually increase the speed of practice.

3.Start with staccato before playing legato

When learning to play the piano, it's important to follow a structured approach, starting with mastering staccato before practicing legato. This is because practicing staccato helps us experience better relaxation and weight control of the hands, as well as develop finger support. Once we're proficient in playing staccato smoothly, practicing legato becomes easier, allowing us to better control the independence of each finger and avoid unrelated fingers curling up in response to the playing finger. If the habit of curling up the fingers is not corrected promptly from the beginning, it becomes more challenging to overcome later. To ensure correct and standardized hand positioning when playing the piano, consistent practice following the correct finger techniques and dedication over time are necessary to achieve the desired proficie

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